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Catch Surf

Based out of San Clemente, California, Catch Surf is causing a stir in the surf industry with their soft top boards. Surfboards designed with the fun of surfing at their core, single fins, twin fins, thrusters, quads, even finless boards. George Arzente, Founder and President of Catch Surf, saw an opportunity to create something different in surfing, the type of board everyone could use, beginners to pros, young and old. He worked with Tom Morey on surfboard design, and within a couple of years the Catch Surf beater board was born.

The original catch surf beater finless, a soft top surfboard that looks a bit like a stretched out body board, was used to beat the black ball flags on the SoCal beaches in summertime. That’s how the name ‘beater board’came around. Their slogan at the time summed it up: “Grab Your Towel. Grab your Beater. Head to the beach….It’s Summertime.” The whole idea of using a beater board is to not take surfing too seriously and just get out there to have fun.

Now Catch Surf has grown much bigger with a whole range of surfboards, like the Odysea skipper, Odysea stump and log, and the One and the Super One. Still the beater board is the most popular, and the original 54 and original 48 beater boards can be fitted out to be a twin fin, single fin, or left finless.

The success of Catch Surf led them to bring on some big name surfing talent to help promote their crazy fun ethos, surfers like Jamie O’Brien who paddled into the 25ft plus Wedge at Newport on a Catch Surf Odysea surf board to do a board transfer. They also have Kalani Robb on side, who is seriously ripping on the catch surf skipper fish.

Catch Surf just keep on expanding their selection of boards, and have also launched a range of apparel to match their feel-good, no attitude approach to surfing, Catch Surf T-shirts, hats, board shorts, pants, shirts, jackets and hoodies. No matter if you’re a kid or adult, Catch Surf boards are serious fun, and not just for beginners.