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Catch Surf Odysea 5'0" Stump Quad Lime

Catch Surf

Catch Surf Odysea 5'0" Stump Quad Lime

$ 249.00 $ 284.99

Catch Surf Odysea 5'0" Stump Quad Lime

It doesn't matter if you've never surfed before or have been shredding for years, the Catch Surf Odysea 5'0" Stump Quad is guaranteed fun in the surf. This soft top surfboard is an absolute wave catching machine, with plenty of float to get you into waves early. The quad fin setup gives it some extra speed when firing down the line of a wave, along with a looser, skatier feel. Great for heavy unforgiving waves like your local shore dump, the soft polyethylene deck is forgiving when your Catch Surf Odysea 5'0" Stump Quad springs back at you after a wipeout, plus it's super durable. Pick up one of the hottest colors surfboards at

Catch Surf Odysea Stump Quad 2016


  • Length: 5.0"
  • Width: 21.5"
  • Thickness: 2.5"
  • Volume: 36L



Quad or tri, which do I buy? We’re going to answer this question once and for all, so here’s a head-to-head match-up, Stump Tri Fin vs Stump Quad Fin… Fight!

Catch Surf Odysea Stump Tri Fin

Catch Surf Stump

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The classic thruster setup pioneered by Simon Anderson in the 80s, who was looking for more control than the twin and single fins being used at the time. Three fins grew into the de facto setup for shortboards, and for good reason…

Top to Bottom Surfing

The Stump Tri Fin is best suited for top to bottom surfing, tight bottom turns and fast turns off the lip. The centre fin gives you more pivot for quick turns and snappy maneuverability. When the waves are rippable this board is your performance option.

Odysea Stump tri fin thruster

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Grip to the Wave

Three fins keep your Stump locked into the wave when you’re pumping for speed or reentering the wave after a big air. This added stability is super handy when you’re pushing the limits of your trick repertoire.

Increased Control

When you’re pushing hard off the bottom after a big drop, your centre fin is going to provide the control you need to stop you from sliding out. But with this control comes added drag that you don't get with a quad fin setup.


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Catch Surf Odysea Stump Quad Fin


The quad fin setup has caught on in recent years and excels in adverse wave conditions, from one extreme to the other. Gutless beach break slop or maxing out Mavericks, surfers use a quad fin setup for more speed when it's needed…

More Drive and Speed

A Stump Quad Fin drops the centre fin and significantly reduces drag in the process. You’ll find yourself screaming down the line even in small surf, instead of trying to generate your own speed. The extra surface area of the four fins increases drive so you can skip over those fat sections.

Catch Surf 2016 Odysea Stump

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Riding on the Rail

With two fins below each rail you’re going to be able to really draw out those carves. Thrusters can often lose speed when performing big carves, but a quad can actually help increase speed when turning back into the sweet spot. The extra hold is great for rail-to-rail surfing.

Looser, Skatier Feel

When you ride a quad setup you’ll experience a much looser and skatier feel when compared to a thruster. If you’re used to surfing with three fins this can take some getting used to. A quad is super responsive, but at the expense of control and stability.


The Verdict?

Now it’s up to you, you’ve got the pros and cons of each so think about the waves you’re going to be surfing and your style of wave riding before deciding. But hey, why not enjoy the best of both worlds and get one of each!


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