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Future Fins Stretch Honeycomb Quad Fin Set Blue/Yellow


Future Fins Stretch Honeycomb Quad Fin Set Blue/Yellow

$ 99.00

Future Fins Stretch Quad Surfboard Fins

A set of fins that can really transform a day at a gutless beachie, the Stretch Quad setup from Futures Fins capitalises on getting the most out of weak surf. This is largely down to its unique foil, a concave shape on the front two fins, which boost speed generating ability. The two back fins are tweaked for performance, so with the Stretch Quad you get the best of both worlds. Designed by William ‰ÛÏStretch‰۪Riedel, a board shaper from Santa Cruz, these fins should help you get more waves on the bad days. These are classed as size Medium-Large, so are great for surfers weighing anywhere up from 145 lbs.


Front fins

  • Height: 4.39"
  • Base: 4.34"
  • Area: 14.52 sq in

Back fins

  • Height: 4.00"
  • Base: 3.88"
  • Area: 12.39 sq in

Construction: Honeycomb

Foil: V2

Size: Medium-Large

If your backyard isn‰۪t quite Pipeline or offering reliable waves on the average day, you‰۪ll want to keep Futures Fins Stretch Quad Surfboard Fins on-hand. These surfboard fins for your quad surfboard can serve you well in rippable surf that can also turn mushy, because if you can catch a few good waves between the mushburgers it‰۪s still a good day. The inside foil design creates a softer fin to maneuver in slower wave conditions. Set up a surfboard with Futures Fins Stretch Quad Surfboard Fins to catch more waves on the less than perfect condition days


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